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Name of Product: Rubber Accelerators (M/DM/D/TMTD)

MF: C3H6 N2 S
CAS No.: 96-45-7
HS Code: 38121000

Appearance: White or gray power
Usage: Use of natural rubber, styrene ...
Product name: Pentaerythritol 98%
Molecular weight: 136.15
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Relative density: 1.395g/cm³
Melting point: 230-260
Boiling point: 276
Name: Rubber Antioxidant
CAS No.: 26780-96-1
Type: Additive
Packaging Detail: 25kg in PP bag
Delivery Detail With 15 days after we received the deposit

Rubber Antioxidant: ...
Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (CMC)
1. Appearance: White powder
2. MF: C8H16O8

Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (CMC) Detergent Grade
Viscosity 100-300
Purity% 65
pH 7.0-9.0 ...
Product Name: PVC Resin (SG1-SG8) Other Name: PVC Resin Polyvinyl Chloride Resin CAS No.: 9002-86-2 HS CODE: 39041090 Molecular formular: CH2-CHCl-n Properties: It is ...
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Dioctyl Adipate (DOA)

CAS No.: 123-79-5

Chemical Name: ...
Name: Aluminum oxide

Purity: 99.99%

Color: White

Appearance: White Powder or Granular(ball)

Application: Sapphire crystal

Granular(ball) diameter: 2-4mm(2-3mm 4.1%; ...
Pigment Blue 15: 3. We supply all kinds of high quality pigments.

Pigment Blue 15: 3

Also called Fast Blue BGS

C. I.: 74160

CAS: 147-14-8

Powder Appearance:

Oil ...
Product Name: Caustic soda in pearl 99% 430

Molecular formular: NaOH

CAS No.: 1310-73-2

Properties: White semilucent solid in pearl, hygroscopic.

Applications: Used as ...
FOB Price: US $440 / Ton
Min. Order: 23 Tons
Product Name: Oxalic Acid 99.6%
CAS No.: 6153-56-6
Hs Code: 2917111000
Molecular Formula: H2C2O4.2H2O
H. S Code: 29171110

Appearance: White transparent crystal combining two ...
FOB Price: US $750-1,000 / Ton
Sodium Bicarbonate

For food, medicine, film production, tanning, dressing, metallurgy, fiber and rubber industry, also can be used for washing, fire fighting agent, used as a ...
FOB Price: US $240 / Ton
Min. Order: 25 Tons
1. Classification: Zinc Oxide
2. CAS No.: 1314-13-2
3. MF: ZnO
4. EINECS No.: 215-222-5
5. Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Industrial Grade
6. Zinc Oxide Purity: 99% /99.5% ...
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1. Sulfur Powder in industry grade and food grade

200/325/400/500 meshes

2. Properties

CAS No. 7704-34-9

EINECS NO. 231-722-6

Light yellow powder. Sulfur powder is ...
High Purity Mercury 99.9999%

Purity 99.9999%

Ignited residue volume≤ 0.001%

Impurity Fe≤ 0.00004%; Other heavy metals (Pb) ≤ 0.00004%

Quality is based on ...
Product Name: Red Iron Oxide
CAS No.: CAS number Fe2O3 1309-37-1 Fe3O4 12227-89-3
Molecular formular: Fe2o3, Fe3O4
Hs Code: 2821100000
Appearance red powder
Usage: ...
Product Name: Permanent Yellow G
Formula: C18H18N4O6
CAS No.: 6528-34-3
HS Code: 32049090

Property: Ozone orange powder

Application: Used as Oil ink, rubber, coating, ...
FOB Price: US $10
Product Name: Lithopone 28% &30%

Molecular formular: ZnS BaSO4

CAS No.: 1345-05-7

Properties: White powder.

Usage: Lithopone is a white pigment composed of a mixture of ...
FOB Price: US $600 / Ton
1. Chemical Name Epoxy Fatty Acids Methyl Ester
2. Introduction
J102 Plasticizer, light yellow oil liquid under normal temperature, is made from natural plant oil, as a kind of ...
Solid Caustic Soda is white solid, Soluble in water, belong to alkali class corrosive substance.

Mainly used in metallurgy, petroleum refining, chemical, textile, papermaking, ...
FOB Price: US $350 / Ton
Min. Order: 25 Tons
Stearic Acid
Widely used in curing agent, plastic heat stabilizer, wetting agent, textile softener, chemical fiber oil, anti-static agent, edible emulsifier; Also used in ...
FOB Price: US $735-809 / Ton
Min. Order: 23 Tons
Pigment Red 808 / Pigment Red 3132

It is suitable for paints, plastics, printing inks, pigments can be used for these purposes more varieties, the most typical variety is the ...
FOB Price: US $4,000-4,350 / Ton
Type: Iron Oxide Red, Iron Oxide Yellow, Iron Oxide Black, Iron Oxide Blue, Iron Oxide Brown

Properties: Colored powder. Its quality is stable with fine decentralization, strong ...
FOB Price: US $610 / Ton
Min. Order: 25 Tons
Phthalocyanine Green G
It is deep green posder with bright color and high coloring ability. It can′t dissolve in water and ordinary solvent.
It′s olive green in concentrated ...
FOB Price: US $6,250 / Ton
Min. Order: 25 Tons